Author: Katelynn Langer

girl staring at piggy bank

Investing Your Money When You’re Still in Debt

Whether you live on your own or in your parents’ basement, it’s time to think about investing your money. We all want to get ahead. We want to get ahead by throwing tonight’s dinner in the crock pot before departing for work in the much-too-early hours of the morning. We want to accomplish Friday afternoon’s project deadline by Thursday afternoon, so can be spent sipping coffee and perusing our favourite websites all day. We want this month’s mortgage or rent payment collected and saved early in order to avoid scrambling when the first of the month rolls around. We all want to get ahead; in our every day actions, our responsibilities, our commitments and maybe most of all, in our finances. Yes, like most millennials, I have debt. Money, in my world, has been an ongoing struggle. It’s one of the reasons I moved back home with my mom after university. But my story is not all that unique. Many millennials work hard to get out of a financial hole after graduating. Still, even the …