Author: Sarah Wreford

“I feel beautiful again” I said and couldn’t stop crying tears of joy.

How a Makeover Made Me Feel Beautiful Again

It’s not everyday you win a makeover on the Marilyn Dennis show. How one lucky experience launched a transformational journey in both body and spirit. It all started with a picture. For several years I had been the one at events being in control of the camera and taking pictures.  As the photographer, I was able to control what appeared on Facebook and could hide my body. This also meant that I could try to hide my weight gain of fifty-four pounds over the past three years. The problem was that during one summer weekend in at a cottage in 2015, I wasn’t the only photographer. “Smile Sarah” said my sister as she snapped my picture. Little did my sister know that I had spent three years being very careful about how I appeared in pictures. The entire time I had successfully avoided any photos being shown or printed of my body. Quickly, I used my arms to try to cover my body and forced a fake smile on my face while she took the …