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What It Really Takes to Pursue a Career in the Arts

Looking beyond the limitations of where she lives, Alex Karolyi is meeting new challenges with a fresh perspective. Alex Karolyi has some excellent advice for up-and-comers looking to pursue a career in the arts, “you’ve got to stick with it if you really want to be in it.” It would sound like an old trope coming from anyone else, but Karolyi has consistently had to forge new paths throughout her career. Today, what some might perceive as an insurmountable challenge, Karolyi seems to take as a chance to innovate. Getting Started with Shadowpath Karolyi founded Shadowpath in 2002, as an independent theatre company in York Region, just north of Toronto. At the time, she admits she didn’t really know how to make a professional theatre company work in a suburban community. Even with a population of a little over a million residents, the theatre scene in the area is still fledgling, limited both in following and by a handful of expensive venues. For the first few years of Shadowpath’s existence, Karolyi was limited to one …


Travel Like a Pro

Tips from an expert to make your next trip an adventure you’ll always remember. Travelling, especially if you’re the type who likes to go off the beaten path, can be exciting, rewarding and just plain fun. Some trips become great adventures, while others can be life-changing. In November, travel company Merit hosted a travel film festival through its TravelCuts website, which books flights, hotels and rail travel. The #travelcutsDOC festival asked millennials to create short films about their travels. The winning entry, by Canadian Mark Harrison, is definitely worth a watch (be warned, it will get your wanderlust pumping). If you’re already adding some of the featured destinations to your ‘must visit’ bucket list, you’re probably not alone. But travel, especially for the millennial first timer, can be daunting. There are always questions about where to eat, where to stay, and what to do if you get yourself in trouble. The Reply recently interviewed Jason Merrithew, vice president of Merit Travel Group, a millennial and traveller himself, to find out how to travel better and …


Are You Sacrificing Today for a Better Tomorrow?

The idea of spending your days practicing yoga on the beach with the sea breeze blowing in your hair sounds like a life most people could only dream of.

Or perhaps it’s something you plan to do upon retirement, after slaving away at your desk for the next 40 years.

After all, we have bills to pay and a nest egg to build; we’ve all got to do our time, right?

Maybe not.

Less than two years ago, Lindsay Adamson led her life by exactly this mentality. She was living in Toronto, Ontario, working seven days a week, and logging 16 to 18-hour days. This was her fourth year living this way, after getting promoted to the role of National Sales Director at a company she had been working with for eight years.

“I missed everything in my friends’ and family’s lives,” she says in an interview with The Reply. “Weddings, showers, birthdays – although I always made it home for Christmas. But I was so addicted to trying to be successful.”